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Flower Power
Top 5 Tips Every Bride Must Know

When it comes to planning your wedding flowers, there is so much to consider. If only if was as easy as simply choosing your favorite blooms! There are seasons, color, style, budget, and so much more to think about. If every bride tucks these 5 important tips in her back pocket, flower planning will be sweet and easy!

  • Set a budget
    Don’t get carried away and fall in love with a vision you can’t afford. Set a budget you can manage and stick to it. Once you have that number, you will then be ready for inspiration to create the look you’ve always imagined.
  • Trust your instinct
    With thousands of types of flowers and endless combinations of assortments, it’s easy to get confused and become indecisive. Trust your gut. If you fall in love with roses on the first go around, stick with roses. You’ll save yourself time and a lot of aggravation. You’ll almost always go back to your first choice.
  • Choose flowers that compliment your color scheme—not match it
    If you think your flowers should perfectly match your bridesmaids’ dresses, it’s time to rethink that. Flowers are a perfect way to add to your color scheme with accents that compliment the whole look. Imagine how boring your pictures will be if your blooms blend with the dresses. If you’re afraid to go bold, go safe with ivory and add another bloom like calla lilies that can spice up some color.
  • Size and comfort does matter
    Lots of brides think the bigger the better when it comes to their bouquets. After all, big makes a statement. But think about this… the bigger and more elaborate your bouquet is, the more attention it will take away from your dress. Plus, it can get rather heavy and uncomfortable to carry.
  • Don’t forget about the ceremony
    Your reception will have a lot of different places for flowers– Guestbook Tables, Place Card Tables, Cake and Gift Tables to name a few. Don’t forget to use your altar and aisle flowers from the ceremony. These make great additions to your reception arrangements.

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